Online Payday Loans

What Is a Payday Loan Online?

Payday Loans or Payday Advance loans are online cash advances that have to be repaid on your next pay date. They make for a great option for those borrowers who are in desperate need of funds.

You may need cash immediately if you're facing financial hardships such as the breakdown of your vehicle or a sudden medical emergency. In such circumstances, online payday loans from direct lenders can be very beneficial since they cause less of a delay in addressing your issue, unlike traditional loans that take days to be approved by the lender and received by the borrower.

Is There A Difference Between Cash Advance Loans And Payday Loans?

There is no major difference between the two as such. Both of them possess the same features such as:

  • They are both short-term loans that have to be repaid on your next pay date.
  • They are quick cash loans that are transferred in just one business day.
  • Their rates of interest are higher than that of traditional loans.

How Can A Borrower Apply For A Payday Loan And When Will It Get Transferred?

It is very simple to apply for a cash advance payday loan online since one doesn't have to wait in long queues, go through a ton of paperwork, or provide collateral in most cases. All you have to do is apply online whenever you want to.

Payday loans typically take around 24 hours to get transferred. Lenders like EZCashLoanz instantly approve loans as long as the basic eligibility criteria are met and transfer your cash advances online on the same day after that which takes no more than 24 hours to reach you (depending on the policies of your bank).

What Is The Eligibility Criteria One Needs To Meet To Get Payday Loans Online For Bad Credit?

To receive payday advance loans online for bad credit you will have to provide the following documents for verification:

  • Age proof (must be at least 18 years old)
  • Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Income statement/ Pay stub
  • Checking account details
  • Verifiable contact details

Should I Have A Good Credit Score To Receive A Payday Advance Online?

You can receive online payday loans from a direct lender with no credit check not being worried about a poor credit score. Online trusted lenders like EZCashLoanz depend on your income statement which should preferably be a stable one to issue loans, instead of your credit history. That is why a good, bad, or even no credit history does not matter when applying with us.