How a Short Term Loan Works

Short Term Loans

EZCashLoanz is a direct lender providing payday and installment loans to those in need of immediate funding. We understand that waiting for cash when you need it urgently can cause a delay in addressing your emergency and can in turn make matters worse.

That is why we provide quick cash loans which you can receive in just one business day, without complicated requirements for you to qualify as a trusted borrower with us. By avoiding credit checks and collaterals, we serve as a helping hand to those who have bad credit and cannot approach other lenders for a loan due to the same.

More About Short Term Loans

  • Safe and secure application process: By incorporating SSL encryption, your documents are certainly securely transferred to us, and we ensure maximum confidentiality when it comes to keeping your information safe with us.
  • Fast and easy application: Our application form takes only 3 minutes to fill. Unlike the time when you had to take out a whole day in order to apply for loans, you can now apply for one in a snap! Once the form is filled, all you have to do is send across your basic documents online itself which takes hardly any time to do since there's no paperwork and faxing involved.
  • Transfers are quick: Once we receive all the documents and details that we've asked for, it takes us hardly any time to approve your loan. In case we do not receive something that we need, we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. We will then immediately transfer cash which you will receive within just 24 hours at the max.
  • Credit Ratings are not taken into consideration: Credit checks are not conducted in order to issue loans to debtors. That means that you can get a loan irrespective of whether you possess a good or bad credit history. If you have an income that is stable, it is unlikely that you will not receive a loan from us because that is what we majorly depend on to avoid the risk of not being repaid.
  • Short term loans have various advantages, but first be a responsible borrower: These loans come with many advantages. However, it is important that a borrower availing such loans should do his bit by making sure to repay the loan on time. Not only will this avoid a late repayment fee, but it will also improve the credit score instead of making it worse. This allows borrowers to avail loans of larger amounts in the future from other lenders who do not provide funding to those with undesirable credit ratings.