FAQs About Online Loans

Frequently Asked Questions

Your various queries and doubts related to direct loans and lenders from the lending industry are briefly answered on this page. These are the most frequently asked questions that borrowers want to know about in order to understand their loan and our services better. However, if you feel that a question of yours is unanswered, you're always welcome to get in touch with us via email and clarify the same which we will make sure to answer as soon as possible.

What is a short term loan?

These are a quick fix when you're in dire need of funds, given by direct lenders. They are usually given in small amounts from a few hundred to a couple of thousand dollars without checking the borrower's credit history. They are usually transferred in less than a day.

What are payday loans?

These are quick short term loans provided by direct lenders that are supposed to be repaid in lump sum on your next pay date.

What are installment loans?

Unlike payday loans, installment loans can be repaid in parts over a few months, but are also provided instantly from direct lenders like EZCashLoanz.

What's the maximum amount that one can receive?

That depends on your lender. As stated earlier, these loans are provided from a few hundred to a couple of thousand dollars. From us, you can avail a maximum of $1000.

Will I get a loan if I have bad credit?

Most probably, yes. Most direct lenders (such as EZCashLoanz) do not conduct credit checks which means that good or bad credit ratings do not matter to them. Lenders like us rely on other factors such as a stable income in order to provide loans to you.

When will I receive my loan?

Lenders such as EZCashLoanz avoid time consuming procedures such as credit checks, paperwork and the requirement for collaterals in order to issue loans as soon as possible. As long as you meet our basic eligibility criteria, we will instantly approve your loan and transfer funds immediately which will reach you in no more than 24 hours.

Is it possible to apply for a loan when I already have an existing one?

As long as your state allows it, and your lender is fine with the idea, you can apply for a second loan before repaying the first.

What if there is a delay in the repayment?

The best option is to discuss this with your lender. Your lender may be able to give you another date in the form of a rollover, may reduce your interest rate or may give you another solution.

Can I trust direct lenders with keeping my information safe?

Yes. Our high levels of encryption ensure that your information is transferred securely to us. We also make sure to follow ethical practices and keep it safe and confidential.

Are my documents required to be faxed?

No. You do not have to fax your information and documents to us. You can just send them across online.

What happens when a borrower cannot repay?

If you fail to repay, we are allowed to take any form of action that is legally permitted for direct lenders to take. This may also include approaching collection agencies. However, we will not press any criminal charges against you. The best way to avoid such circumstances is to talk to us about your issue and figure out a way to repay your loan with us.

What is the eligibility criteria required to be able to receive a loan?

EZCashLoanz requires you to fulfil very basic criteria in order to be able to receive a loan from us. All we ask you for are a few basic documents which include:

  • Age proof (18+)
  • SSN
  • Income Statement/ Pay Stub
  • Verifiable Contact Details
  • Checking account details