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Instant Payday Loans Online In Just 24 Hours! understands how difficult it can be to deal with an emergency financial need, and that your savings if any may not be enough to help you get through it. Being a considerate online direct loan lender, we issue instant online payday loans which are a quick solution to your cash crunch problem.

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Being a trusted online cash advance lender, we are committed to offering you the best that we can. That is why, we are accessible 24x7 which makes it very convenient for borrowers to apply for our faxless, quick loans online as per their preferred place and time.

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Not only do we offer payday loans, but we also provide quick installment loans to those who cannot afford to pay us back in lump-sum.

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Same-Day Cash Advance Loans for Bad Credit

Yes, you read that right! AT EZCashLoanz, we provide cash advance loans for bad credit. We are well aware of the difficulties borrowers with poor credit ratings face when they need money but run out of options since most lenders do not issue loans to those with faulty credit histories. That is why, all we ask from you are a few very basic documents for verification which include:

  • Income statement/ Pay stub
  • Checking account details
  • Age proof (18+)
  • Verifiable contact details
  • Social Security Number

A stable income is a factor that will qualify you as a trusted borrower since that implies that you will be able to repay your loan. As long as you fulfill those criteria, it will be very easy for you to receive instant payday loans even with bad credit from us.

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Our APRs are considered to be one of the most affordable in the market. The reason they aren't as high as those of other direct loan lenders is that we completely understand how difficult it is to repay an excess amount of cash when you're already financially unsound.

A huge interest rate can lead to a borrower being unable to manage the following month's expenses which may force the individual to apply for another loan and eventually push one into a bad debt cycle which can be very difficult to come out of. By providing fair rates of interest, we help our borrowers avoid paying extra, which relieves them from the stress of having to pay too much when it's time for them to pay us back.